OUT NOW – The Santa Saga

OUT NOW – The Santa Saga

logoSanta, the jolly old elf, the spirit of Christmas.  Whatever your opinion of the coke-endorsing, child judging, toy distributor, you cannot argue that he works hard.  On the holidays too.  It’s heart warming and deeply impressive that he manages to hit every household in the world (according to religion, income and willingness to conform to social norms re: lying to children).

But now, Santa needs YOU.  The chucklesome toy soldier aficionado is in trouble.  His wicked, grinning counterpart Anti Claus has hijacked his magic sleigh, causing the toys to scatter hither and yon upon the face of the world.  While Santa is quick, he’s not that quick – and without your prompt input, the good little children of the world will be toy-less upon waking to the frosty wonder of a Christmas morn.

ChristmasCardIt’s up to you – and your finger.

The Santa Saga is a one touch puzzle game where you have to gather the scattered gifts and save Santa from the clutches of Anti Claus, who plans to do something unspeaking to the benevolent bearded magic reindeer teamster.

The game features 25 levels, one for each day of advent and has been sprinkled with more magical, seasonal wonder and delight than a turkey, wearing an xmas jumper, stuffed with crackers, wearing a paper hat and reading a humorous motto.

SantaSaga08But Ho Ho Ho-ld on a second!  How can you help populate the perennially popular polar person’s poke?  You’ll need (in addition to your finger) an iPad, iPhone or Mac.  It costs only $0.99/€0.89/£0.69 and is therefore a real cost saver, compared to the aforementioned humorous jumpers, egg nog or a massive frozen turkey…

You can find The Santa Saga here for iPad and iPhone.  You can find it here for Mac.

The very best of luck, friends.  Christmas – and the entire basis of consumer-driven holiday cheer may depend upon you.

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