Fuzzy Duck?

Fuzzy Duck?

…Ducky Fuzz!  The latest release from indie wunderkind and one man games dynamo, Smiling Bag (aka Stewart Hogarth) is the intriguingly named Ducky Fuzz.

It features ducks.  And waves and bread.  According to the App Store description:

Ducky Fuzz is a simple game about juggling ducks on the ocean by controlling the waves, avoiding sea mines collecting as much bread as possible.

screen568x568 (1)You, dear reader, are master of the seas, a reincarnation of mighty Poseidon himself, capable of commanding the oceans of the world and all things thereon, therein and thereunder.  Including ducks.

You’re fond of ducks.  They quack pleasingly.  They conceal frantic underwater effort with an air of effortless grace.  They’re the punchline of your favourite joke (How do you get down from an elephant?*)   They enjoy the odd morsel of bread.  Cheap white preferably, but a lovely seeded batch if you have some.  So you’d like to help the web-footed ones to collect bread.  Yet nasty humans (boo!) have left the sea lanes scattered with explosive mines from one of their many conflicts and disagreements…

screen568x568Can you, oh mighty one, help the beaked billions to discover and enjoy their beloved bread, while helping them to avoid the explosive defeathering contact – and resultant pate – with the surplus weaponry of mankind?

Why of course you can!

Use your skill, judgement, intimate understanding of ocean currents, thermoclines, fish migration patterns and understanding of bread dispersal within large bodies of water, to help feed the lovely ducks.

screen568x568 (2)It’s simple, it’s fun, it helps reduce the world bread mountain and reduces the likelihood of anatidaegeddon.

Ducky Fuzz is out now for iOS and Android devices.  It’s only £0.69 for Apple devices and a mere £0.50 for Android.

Support your indies.  Avoid the wrath of the Greek gods, for they are vengeful.  Buy Ducky Fuzz

*You don’t, you get down from an elephant…

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