OUT NOW: Winx Fairy School

OUT NOW: Winx Fairy School

Tsumanga Winx ClubThe team at Tsumanga have taken the road less travelled when it comes to games.  They’re working with a third party license, aimed at a younger female audience and featuring fairies.

App IconWinx Club is one of the most popular brands in the world for 9-13 year old girls.  Created by Rainbow Studios in Italy, the franchise now includes theme parks, movies, toys, clothing, a website and books.  Tsumanga has now created two games to address the growing demand for digital content and allow Winx fans to join their favourite characters within the world of gaming.

Winx Fairy School LogoThe latest release from the studio is Winx Fairy School.  Players can join the Winx fairies as they attend the Alfea college for fairies, just as it appears in the popular TV series (now in its sixth season).  Players can customise and decorate their dorm, complete quests, learn spells and play with others, sharing the experience.

The game is tied quite closely to the TV series, offering players the chance to meet the same characters, find the same fashions, watch exclusive video clips and play a unique story, created especially for the game.

Tsumanga’s previous title, Winx Sirenix Power was released earlier in 2013 and has been downloaded over 1.3M times.

Graeme Harvey - Tsumanga CEOGraeme Harvey, the CEO of Tsumanga Studios, told us:

The popularity of Winx Club all around the world is simply phenomenal. It has a great audience who really engage with the brand and who really enjoy getting involved with the world of the Winx fairies. Our first game, Winx Sirenix Power let players take part in simple races in an underwater kingdom. Winx Fairy School offers far more with in-depth customisation, multiplayer and social elements building a much richer and more sophisticated experience we believe players will love.

Cristiana Buzzelli, Rainbow Studios’ VP, Contents – Digital and Publishing added:

We are sure Winx Fairy School will be a great success as for the first time it gives fans across the world the opportunity to create their very own Winx story, enroll to the Alfea College, and attend the school of their favourite fairies… all thanks to the strong identification of our fans in (with) their beloved characters!

splashWinx Fairy School is out now for iOS devices – both iPhone and iPad, priced at £4.99.  The Android version is due out in the near future…

In the meantime, you can keep track of Winx Fairy School on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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