The Computer Games Journal – Volume 2 Edition 3 – Out Now

The Computer Games Journal – Volume 2 Edition 3 – Out Now

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.45.49The Computer Games Journal is one of the only academic journals in the world focusing on the computer games industry and the issues facing the creators, technologies and innovators within this rapidly evolving sector.

It was created and is edited here in Scotland by a team of respected academics including editor-in-chief Dr John Sutherland, Dr Antony Maud and Dr Malcolm Sutherland.

Five issues of the Journal have been published to date, with more in production for 2014.  They cover issues from entrepreneurship in the games sector to the use of emotion within games, inclusion, ethics, the effects of audio in game environments and a host of other topics.

The Journal is freely accessible online and is always open to contributions from authors.

In an industry which suffers greatly from a lack of hard data, evidence-based argument and peer-reviewed research, The Computer Games Journal is a valuable resource which should be mandatory reading for developers, creators, technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, legislators, students, teachers, publishers, marketeers, gamifiers, indies, corporates and everyone serious about the future of games, not only as a stand alone form of media, but as a transformative technology.

You can find the journal here.  You can submit your own research here.

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