Vote Solar Flux For Indie DB Game Of The Year

Vote Solar Flux For Indie DB Game Of The Year

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.01.23Indie DB, the website dedicated to all things indie and excellent is holding it’s annual Game Of The Year awards.

Firebrand’s gravitationally challenging galactic save-em-up Solar Flux is in the running.  And we – yes WE – can help them win.

If you’ve not played Solar Flux yet, you’re missing a treat.  It’s a puzzle game in which players must scoop up balls of plasma and fire them into the hearts of dying suns, stopping them going supernova and saving countless billions of lives.

SolarFluxPocket_Screen1Beautiful inertia-based controls combine with realistic gravity, planetary physics, fragile heat shields, solar flares and asteroids.

Thousands of the bloody things…

In short, it’s the sort of game physicists, astronauts, space captains, science officers and anyone interested in new games should play and love.

Hence it’s your duty to vote for it, as a responsible and caring citizen of the future.  It takes approximately one second to place your vote and it would mean a huge amount to the Firebrand team and the denizens of the greater universe who’d really appreciate not dying in the crispy rush of a super nova, or indeed alone and freezing in a universe bereft of stars.

Please vote for Solar Flux.


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