Tacos, Bluegrass And Video Games – The Most Awesome Event EVER?

Tacos, Bluegrass And Video Games – The Most Awesome Event EVER?

LF_longLucky Frame, the company behind critically acclaimed games such as Pugs Luv Beats, Wave Trip, the homicide-em-up Gentlemen! and of course the BAFTA award-winning Bad Hotel are, not to put too fine a point on it, kinda awesome.

They explore, they experiment, they play with ideas and definitions of ‘game’ and they seem to have a fair amount of fun doing so.

suitcase arcadeThey’re doing so again. The company has announced its first live arcade event, which takes place in Edinburgh in January 2014.  Lucky Frame has decided that simply showing off rather splendid games and introducing a bunch of new experiences like their Suitcase Arcade (an arcade in a suitcase) and Roflpillar (a new game in which the player controls a digital caterpillar by rolling around on the floor) just isn’t enough awesome for one public event…

rofl11…they’re upping the ante with the inclusion of Tacos and Bluegrass music.  Because they can.  Because it sounds awesome and because it’ll probably be damn good fun.

The inaugural TACOS, BLUEGRASS AND VIDEOGAMES (we even like just writing those words together) takes place in Pilrig Church, Leith Walk, Edinburgh on January 11th, 2014.

The company is promising beer from Brew Dog, weird videogames and foot stompin’ music.  If that’s not enough (and lord knows, that should be enough for anyone bar the most dour Calvinist) they’d like your weird games too.

If you’re a developer and you’d like to show your games off to an audience of wide-eyed and entranced, taco-stuffed and foot-stampin’ players, then get in touch with the Lucky Frame team.  The more peculiar, the more outlandish your project, the stranger the interface, the more it’s welcome.  The company’s blog mentions a bowl of custard interface and doom pianos just for a kick-off.

tbgvg_full1If you’d like to get involved and show your games at what promises to be a boot-skootin’, taco-gnawin’, high-scorin’ evening of awesome, get in touch with the team – info@luckyframe.co.uk before December 29th.

More news and updates as they happen.  We’ll see you there…

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