Games For Non-Gamers

Games For Non-Gamers

BBC_SCOTLAND_CMYKSince we’re off to Radio Scotland in half an hour to talk games for non-gamers, we thought it would be nice to give them a little list of all the good stuff out there that they can go and play.

So here’s your official Scottish Games Network list of games for those of you who don’t play games.  This is not and can never be complete, but there’s a lot here to love, even if you’re not, absolutely NOT a gamer.  Nope, no sir.  Would NEVER pick up a joystick.  Waste of time.  John Snow, we’re looking at you here…

We’ve linked to the places online you can find out more and download/buy the games in question.  We’ve highlighted a given a number of the games pictures where they come from Scottish companies because we’re beautiful like that.


Flower (PlayStation 3)

Candy Crush Saga (iPhone/Android)

Wii Sports (Nintendo Wii)

02The 39 Steps (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad)

069-quartic-llama-other-web2.pngOther (iPhone)

Kinect Sports (Xbox)

SolarFluxPocket_Screen2Solar Flux (PC/iPad/iPhone)

Coolsons_titleScreenCoolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet (iPad)

pgscreen5Pocket Garden (iPhone/iPad)

KingBadEndingMr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair (iPhone/iPad)

Quarrel 003Quarrel (iPhone/iPad)

FeatureGraphicPumpkin Bingo (Android)

The Room (iPhone/iPad)

Angry Birds (everything ever)

Plants Versus Zombies (iPhone/iPad/web browser)

SingStar (PlayStation 3)

Buzz (PlayStation 3)

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