Horror Games Kickstarter – Now With Added Maize

Horror Games Kickstarter – Now With Added Maize

There’s a new Kickstarter project promising to create the ultimate documentary on the horror game genre.

Playing With Fear is a project from Anthony Carpendale which will dissect the art, craft and community of horror games.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.52.05The documentary promises to explore a wide range of games, both classic and forthcoming, from Silent Hill, 7th Guest and Eternal Darkness to Dundee’s Team Junkfish and their new title Maize.

From deconstructing the development process and company profiles through to examining the role of horror games in stretching the definitions of the games world, Playing With Fear looks like a must for all horror gaming fans.

Pledges start at £1, though £6 gets you online thanks, the digital soundtrack, artwork, exclusive updates and inclusion in the short film celebrating the movie itself.

The project is more than halfway towards its goal and closes in a little over four days.  If you can spare a few quid and love having the bejesus, jeepers or jinkys scared out of you, interactively, then we’re sure everyone involved would appreciate your support.

You can find it here.


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