Company Profile: Pixel Blimp

Company Profile: Pixel Blimp

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.29.26Name of company: Pixel Blimp Ltd.

Date founded: January 2013

Location: Dundee

Founders: Isaac Howie Brewerton, Jordan Brent Morris








1459219_218659881641913_1830435721_nBackground of founders: Zak and Jordan met each other during their first year of study on the Game Design Production Management (GDPM) course at the University of Abertay Dundee, and have worked on various projects together during their time at the University as well as working on as many projects as they could find spare time for. The pair makes a strong team, with Zak taking on the roles of technical design and scripting, while Jordan focused on art style and general design.

Pixel Blimp began to be a serious venture for the two when they applied to enter Dare to be Digital but were unsuccessful and decided to create a project of their own.

Accompanied by a cake baking artist, a stern faced programmer, and a Danish Audio Composer; the team was able to churn out Wee Paper Planes in just 6 weeks, in time to be showcased at Dare Indie Fest.

Number of employees: 6

Describe your company: Pixel Blimp is still merely a toddler in the industry but is already devoted to creating fun, exciting and innovative titles that inspire developers and engage with players. We want to be able to produce the games we love to create; continually testing what we and the hardware can deliver. Design. Create. Play.

Platforms supported: IOS / Android / Windows Phone

993646_178499258991309_1891065641_nCurrent project: Wee Paper Planes

Greatest Achievement: TIGA Award – Best Student Game

Looking for: Funding 


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