OUT NOW – Monster Force 5 New From Denki

OUT NOW – Monster Force 5 New From Denki

MF5LogoThe fair trade, rainforest certified, organically fed and free range Oompa Loompas at Denki’s digital toy factory have clearly been inspired recently.  The company has announced one new game, Monster Force 5, has just hit the market, with another, as yet undisclosed project lurking in the wings.

Monster Force 5 is a new, original Denki game, which, like the company’s last couple of releases, Save the Day and Denki Word Quest, is exclusive to the Turbulenz online games site.

Monster Force 5Monster Force 5 is described as a cross between Pokemon and Bejewelled.  The earth is under attack from ferocious, terrifying, savage, merciless, yet still kinda cute monsters.  There are outbreaks in YOUR city.  As the head of Monster Force 5 it’s your job to rid the city of this vile infestation, using your own crew of tame, highly trained and disciplined monsters.

Of course, how you engage in this hot monster-on-monster action is where skill, cunning and strategy come in.  To power up each member of their monster crew, the player must match three or more power up gems.  Colour is important.  Gems and monsters share the same colours to provide a powerful punch, your gems should match the colours of the monsters on your team.

Unlike many of the middle-of-the-road match 3 titles out there, Monster Force 5 allows players to move their initial gem as far and in as many directions as they wish.  This allows the more imaginative monster wrangler to zip around the board matching multiple threes, fours, fives or even more (if you’re a show off).

The combined total gems matched provides each monster with power and can lead to collective team bonuses for the knock-out blow that will finish the bout.

As players progress, they can capture and unlock new monsters, allowing them to include all four colours and elements within their Monster Force.

Sme_Screen_02The game is packed with all of the trademark Denki touches.  Seriously cute graphics, animation and graphical touches, excellent sound and a lot of fun from the beginning.  Our initial opportunity to play with the game turned into a 45 minute quest to wipe evil critters from the face of the planet.

You can find and play Monster Force 5 online now.  It’s free to play, though you can buy more coins to access more powerful beasts if you’re an impatient or hopelessly rich player.


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