Develop Names 100 Hot European Start-Ups

develop mag logoDevelop magazine has produced a list of the 100 most exciting start-up companies in the European video games industry.

Five Scottish companies make the list: Guerilla Tea, Quartic Llama, Space Budgie, Stormcloud and Swallowtail Games are noted for their work to date, awards received, download numbers and general air of being on the verge of awesome things.

Scandinavian companies make up a quarter of the overall list, with the regions expertise in mobile and tablet gaming as well as attracting major investment on a global level.

The list also notes several games-related technology companies which are working on areas such as virtual reality, cloud-technologies and graphics.

It’s definitely worth taking time to read through.  of course it is our job to ensure that future lists are aware of many more of Scotland’s exciting roster of start-ups such as Zapcoder, Tsumanga, Tigerface, Pixel Blimp, XBL Gamerhub, Reality Council, Alpha Revolver, Nevistech, Inceptional, Oxygen Addict, Team Junkfish, Binary PumpkinFuture Fossil, Criss Cross Games, Pixel Sword and of course the Scottish Games Network Ltd

Next year: 15% of this list minimum. Deal?

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