OUT NOW: This Way Down – New From Ludometrics

OUT NOW: This Way Down – New From Ludometrics

This-Way-Down-Icon-1024Gravity, as the old saying goes, is a myth.  The earth sucks.  Unless you’re in one of the more progressive southern states of the USA, where gravity is still very much a theory and has to be taught alongside the concept of intelligent falling.

One rather natty feature of intelligent falling is that it can be applied to ludicrous fallacies such as giraffes, the moon and ladders to show that these are far too sophisticated to have simply ‘come to be’ but have instead been the result of a benevolent creator.

Thus it is with, This Way Down, a brand new game for iPhone and iPod Touch.  For some so-called philosophers, enthusiasts and fanatics, they see it merely as a natural extension of existing Match 3 games, evolving (they claim) from the simpler versions  of the game to somehow incorporate intelligent falling, AS IF BY MAGIC.

ludometrics-logoWhereas, all right thinking people see This Way Down as quite obviously having been intelligently designed.  In this case by the benevolent hand of Ludometrics.  For it is written in the credits, people.  Reading.  It’s a good thing…

This Way Down offers a wholesome twist on the now familiar match 3 style of game.  Make patterns of three or more blocks of various colours and they vanish.  Make as many blocks as possible vanish, in the largest clusters possible, for higher scores.

twd-35-03The twist in this case, is literal.  You twist your phone around 90, 180 or 270 degrees and the blocks will fall to the new bottom of the screen, creating new patterns and opening up new matches.

Being munificent and of fair countenance, Ludometrics have said unto us that This Way Down is FREE for all children of men.  However, those of a charitable nature may make a single payment of $1.99/£1.49 to remove base adverts from their site and unlock an eternity of bliss and endless playing pleasure.  Verily, it is a massive bargain.

twd-35-02You can find This Way Down here and give thanks unto Ludometrics for a very nice evolu… update to the genre.

So say we all.


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