OUT NOW – Pocket Garden – New From Cobra Mobile

OUT NOW – Pocket Garden – New From Cobra Mobile

logoCobra Mobile is perhaps best known as the developer behind the best-selling iBomber series of games.  Set in and around the battlefields of World War II, iBomber encompasses a range of tower, defence games, a twin stick destroy-em-up and top down raining-down-destruction-and-terror-upon-the-industrial-heartland-of-the-enemy-em-up.

The company does have its softer side however, having produced titles such as Storm In A Teacup, Mouse About, Low Grav Racer and of course, Zombie Chav Hunt.

pgscreen5Cobra’s latest title takes the company into entirely new pastures, or possibly allotments, with the launch of Pocket Garden, an original new free-to-play game which challenges players to design, plant, tend, protect and nurture their very own online garden.

As well as designing and planting their garden, players are tested on their sorting and puzzle solving skills as well as taking part in quests to grow, harvest and sell their flowers and produce to local restaurants or markets.

pgscreen1Successful gardeners can buy new plants, new equipment, garden furniture and even additional land to build the garden of their dreams.

Mark Ettle, the MD of Cobra told us:

Pocket Garden is our most exciting product to date. The simple mix of a highly addictive puzzle matching and sorting game combined with longer term garden building and town based quests really makes Pocket Garden a must play title on mobile and tablet. Now you really can simply touch, tap and swipe your way to the garden you’ve always wanted.

fb_photo_#1Pocket Garden is OUT NOW for iOS devices.  It’s FREE.  Get it NOW.  It’s a real grower…

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