Games Expo Scotland?

Games Expo Scotland?

ScottishGameExpoFinalA public facing games expo in Scotland?  That’s what’s being proposed in a press release issued earlier this week by Magdala Media, the company behind the Scottish Bike Show.

The event is set to take place in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on October 4th and 5th 2014.

The release states that it will bring both AAA, indie titles, retro games, developer sessions, competitions and other features to Scottish gamers.

Magdala tells us that they’re keen to work with Scottish developers and games companies to make the event relevant to the industry north of the border.  The company is promising transparency and openness to the industry and community to help shape the event.

Rowan Mackie, the founder of Magdala said:

Having worked on the highly successful Scottish Bike Show and seen that grow over the last three years, it’s important to me to take those same values of transparency across to Games Expo Scotland 2014. As Scotland has such a rich and diverse video games industry, alongside a passionate gaming community, their feedback and continued input is what will make Games Expo Scotland 2014 stand out from other UK games events and become the premier Scottish expo for all things video games.

There’s no doubt a public facing video games event in Scotland would be very well.  However, the Games Expo is jumping into a calendar which already has a number of games events, covering both industry and consumers.  Between Dare to be Digital, the Turing Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, GamesCom, Eurogamer, Rezzed, Edinburgh Interactive and Game Horizon, there are a lot of demands on the major publishers and smaller indies over the course of the year.

Of course we would love to have a major public facing games event taking place in Scotland.  We hope to find out more from Magdala Media in the near future and help them work with the Scottish Games community to see how such an event can fit into the gaming calendar.

You can find out more about the Scottish Games Expo on the event website, Facebook and Twitter.

What do YOU say?  Comments, debate, discussion and input all welcome on the SGN Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or website.

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