£25K On Offer Via IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest

games awardIC tomorrow has launched the ‘Digital Innovation Contest – Games’ contest to encourage digital innovation in the games sector.

The organisation is offering five businesses up to £25k (ex VAT) each to develop innovative commercial prototypes that meet the broad objectives we have set with our industry partners:

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)
  • Crytek UK
  • Intel
  • Google Chrome
  • ODEON Cinemas
  • Pinewood Studios

IC Tomorrow is looking for great ideas that address one of its five contest challenges. To apply, it is not necessary to have an existing app or service, or to be currently active in the games industry.

IC tomorrow will be awarding up to five successful businesses an award of up to £25k for the development of a prototype service or application in each of the following categories: 

  • second-screen use in a game
  • open street map data 
  • new markets and perceptual computing 
  • wider games’ distribution on mobile web
  • games and cinema

Each successful applicant will retain their intellectual property, and will also: 

  • gain from exposure to a range of games industry partners 
  • be able to test their proposed application, product or service with a relevant industry partner 
  • be able to promote their solution via the IC tomorrow programme 
  • receive support in resolving delivery issues related to the proposed application or service

Register and apply at: https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/digital-innovation-contest-games

Deadline for submissions: 12pmWednesday 16 October 2013


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