Other Nominated For IndieCade Award

Other Nominated For IndieCade Award

069 - Quartic Llama - OtherQuartic Lllama’s innovative location-based game, Other, created in conjunction with the National Theatre Of Scotland has been nominated in the 2013 IndieCade – the International Festival of Independent Games.

Taking place in Los Angeles in October 2013, IndieCade is the largest independent games festival in the good old US of A.  Taking place across downtown Culver City, the event offers four days of attractions including family-friendly events, networking, an industry programme and around 150 of the world’s leading indie games.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.53.19Part of the festival’s programme is an awards ceremony.  Every game chosen as a participant in the festival is entered.  The Red Carpet Awards are chosen by a panel of industry experts, while the Closing Awards are chosen by the audience, fellow developers and the media.

We’ve mentioned Other several times in the last few months, as a shining example of how games and the wider creative world can work together to create entirely new types of experience.  At the Dare to be Digital Indie Conference, both Quartic Llama and NTS spoke about their approach to the project and about moving beyond the usual client/partner relationship, to build something genuinely new and fascinating.


Other is a location-based, alternate reality sound game, created through a unique collaboration between Quartic Llama and the National Theatre Scotland.

Created with local storytellers, artists, singers and musicians, and played in the city streets of one of Scotland oldest city’s, other weaves itself into the cultural, historical and architectural fabric of the city and its inhabitants.

Blending elements of computer games, live theatre, storytelling and ARG, other uses interactive sound and your location in the city to take you on a horror adventure to the other, playing on your preconceptions and slowly distorting your sense of reality.

The deeper into the city you are taken, the more unsettling things get as the other side is revealed…


Mal Abbas, the co-founder of Quartic Llama told us (exclusively):

We are surprised and delighted by the IndieCade nomination- especially as other can only be played in Dundee!

We approached IndieCade who were intrigued and were supportive of the idea of other, and by pure coincidence there was a judge in Dundee who was able to play it. IndieCade is a great international showcase of talent and original game ideas and we’re proud to be part of it.

We’re not entirely sure how the players and participants at IndieCade will be able to experience the exquisite horror of Dundee in October, but we wish Quartic Lllama (and the NTS) the very best of luck.  Bring home a trophy…

If you have not yet experienced the fractured reality of Other, you’ll need an iPhone and a hour to spare in Dundee.  You can find Other on the App Store, where it’s available for free.

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