Unity set to showcase gaming tiles with Unity Games publishing arm

Unity set to showcase gaming tiles with Unity Games publishing arm

photo003Announcing a new publishing arm, Unity Games, from the stage of Unite 2013 in Vancouver today, Unity CEO David Helgason is positioning the company as the multi-platform option of choice for developers. Providing their own publishing arm to showcase the best of breed gaming titles which use Unity.

While Android and iOS fans continue to try and decide which is the ‘winner’ in the mobile operating system wars (Android has the volume, while iOS has the income, and Microsoft do their best impression of Short Round from The Temple of Doom), Unity are setting themselves up to be the path of least resistance for developers to reach out all of the mobile platforms… and of course they have the bonus of reaching the browser, the desk bound PC’s, and the occasional game console.

One of the biggest pain points with multi-platform is the discovery question, and while developers have the issue of being found, so does Unity. Promoting themselves is just as important as promoting the games created using the system. Unity will take a number of ‘high quality’ mobile games and publish them through Unity Games as a showcase.

photo004Formerly known as Union, developers who work with Unity Games will be able to receive support with financing, marketing, monetization consulting, user acquisition, and community management.

Unity Games believe they will be a good choice for developers through a mix of developer friendly terms (it will be interesting to see some of these), platform relations with the main players (such as Google, iOS and Windows Phone), and of course a clear understanding of the Unity technology.

First up will be Archangel (an action-packed RPG from Black Tower Studios, stars a wing-clad warrior blessed with the power of magic) and Freeride Ski Cross (…has gamers racing down the slopes in competitive events to climb the ranks and unlock gear. Players can connect with friends and challenge their best times to determine who is king of the mountain).

Every movement needs some cheerleaders and aspirational titles. Unity will be hoping this venture will provide their technology platform with these vital social media amplifiers. More details are online at unitygames.com.

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