OUT NOW: Solar Flux For iPad

OUT NOW: Solar Flux For iPad

SF_BannerSolar Flux, the original new sun-saving, gravity-defying, inertia-dampening, ufo-controlling game from Glasgow’s Firebrand Games is now LIVE on the Apple App store.

We saw the world-exclusive hands-on preview at last weeks Dare to be Digital Indie Games Showcase and it is eye-wateringly beautiful.  Every level is centred around a huge, dying sun.  The player has to navigate their ship around the solar system, picking up plasma orbs, which they then have to fire into the sun to stop it going supernova and frying everything .

oceanus_1Control is pure old school delight, with the ship’s thrusters building momentum in a single direction.  Think Asteroids or Lunar Lander.  Difficulty ramps up with the number and placement of orbs, the use of fuel, the heat of the sun, meteors, black holes and other cosmic catastrophes.

Firebrand have clearly spent a lot of time on this title.  The graphics are gorgeous.  The difference between direct sunlight and the shadows thrown by planets and moons make us smile every time we see them.  The controls are nigh on perfect.  We’ve only played a few levels, but can already tell this is going to be a game we’re playing every time we have less than 12 parsecs.

Solar FLux - App Store FeatureIf you’re an iPad owner, we recommend you snap this game up immediately, or sooner.  Solar Flux has already been featured on App Stores around the world – including the huge US market.

Solar Flux is priced at $3.99/£2.49.  Firebrand promise other formats (Android, other iOS devices) will follow ‘in the near future’.  We will, of course, keep you posted.

Go on, buy it

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