OUT NOW: Gentlemen For PC/Mac

OUT NOW: Gentlemen For PC/Mac

gentlemenThe superb, local-multiplayer duel-em-up Gentlemen from Edinburgh’s Lucky Frame is OUT NOW for you lucky PC and Mac owners.

The game is a Victorian-themed, bowler-hatted, multiplayer deathmatch, which in this incarnation pits two, three or four players against each other upon a single, blood-drenched device, Forsooth.

screenshot7Like all of Lucky Frame’s titles, Gentlemen’s glorious graphics are complemented by cracking controls.  Each player can run left and right, attack and flip gravity, allowing them access to the entire, multi-level arena and arsenal of awesome attacks.  Each player’s goal is to kill, destroy, gub, burst, mince or otherwise ‘duff up‘ his (or her) fellows with a variety of unusual and eclectic weaponry, from really rather cross homing pigeons, to knives, guns, bombs and umm… other weirder stuff.

Gentlemen is available through the Humble Store for a Victorian workhouse pleasing THREE POUNDS STERLING (OR $5 IF YOU’RE IN THE FORMER COLONIES) ONLY.

It is a superb multi-player experience.  It’s been picking up some serious critical acclaim (8/10 Edge, 9/10 Pocket Gamer) and you should purchase it from your purveyor of choice with immediate effect.

screenshot4If you are not a PC or Mac user, never fear!  Gentlemen is also available for iOS, Android and Barraclough’s Patented Home Interactivity & Educational Mechanical Contrivance.

Be a good fellow and purchase it, what? (also appropriate for educated ladies and ‘bohemians’ of both genders).

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