COMING SOON: Planet Rush New From Red Radiant & Hunted Cow

COMING SOON: Planet Rush New From Red Radiant & Hunted Cow

Planet Rush characterHunted Cow’s progress from obscure development studio to publishing behemoth is continuing.  The latest studio to sign a publishing agreement with the Elgin empire is Dundee’s Red Radiant Media.

The companies will be bringing an original new title, Planet Rush to iOS and Android later this year.  While initial details are scarce, Planet Rush sounds like a cross between a tower defence and real time strategy game.

Planet Rush logoThe companies told us:

A band of evil misfits of cyborgs, space wizards and alien mutants want to become more dastardly and have decided to attack your planets.  Build and command your arsenal of lasers, rocket missiles and powerful explosives to save yourself from invasion. Fight an endless number of epic battles against waves of baddies. Gain experience to research tower upgrades and build even more powerful weaponry to improve your defence.

How many enemies can you defeat?  Can YOU protect your planets from the evil invaders?

Key Features:

  • Fight foes in an endless number of astronomic battles
  • Fast and exciting gameplay
  • Multi touch controls for the nimble fingered
  • Defend your cities with upgradable lasers, rocket missiles and powerful explosives
  • Special powerups and buffs for more epic wins

Endless waves, huh?  Lasers, missiles and explosives?  In space?  Baddies?  Upgrades?  Multi-touch? Sold.

Red Radiant MasterRed Radiant is the studio behind last year’s Moops game for iOS.  The company boasts members who worked on titles including Crackdown and Bioshock.

Hunted Cow tells us that Planet Rush is due for release in quarter 3 2013, which gives the RR team a couple of months to smooth and polish and finalise the game.

No word yet on costs, levels or gameplay video but we will of course be keeping you up to date with all of the latest news and information.

screenshot_1In the meantime you can follow progress on the game online, or on Facebook.  Congratulations to both Red Radiant and Hunted Cow.  Another project we’re excited about.

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