Outplay’s Monster Legacy Chosen As Launch Title For Facebook Mobile Publishing

Outplay’s Monster Legacy Chosen As Launch Title For Facebook Mobile Publishing

Splash830x360Facebook is moving into mobile publishing and Outplay, the Dundee-based, venture-backed, social-fun company is launch partner.

Following the end of the exclusive agreement with social games giant, Zynga, Facebook has launched a programme to distribute and promote mobile games for selected small/medium developers.  The company will help developers find a global audience for their new titles and provide data analytics on performance, in return for an undisclosed percentage of revenue.

Facebook Mobile PublishingFacebook announced the launch of the initiative yesterday, at the Casual Connect Conference in San Francisco, with 10 developers named as launch partners.

Outplay is one of that select bunch, with the company’s new title Monster Legacy due for release ‘later this year’.

Monster Legacy is a new monster collecting and battling game for iOS devices (iPhone, iPads and iPods).

Battle2 960 x 640Outplay told us:

[Players will] undertake epic quests, explore cavernous dungeons and solve puzzles hidden deep inside Elemental Temples as you Battle, Capture and Evolve your own unique Monster party. As a keeper on a quest to defeat the ever increasing threat of the Evil Lord Ardur, challenge friends and foe as you journey through this exciting fantasy world.

Monster Legacy offers a depth of content never before seen in monster collecting and battling games on mobile devices. With hours of gameplay and innovative mechanics, players can tap into a thrilling and vibrant world, challenge friends, and undertake epic quests anytime, anywhere.

The company is promising 21 unique levels, 63 quests and 14 dungeons, as well as intense battles, unique and impressive monsters and increasingly tougher and more sinister opponents.

Exploration3 960 x 640Bruno Patatas, the lead designer on Monster Legacy added:

Monster Legacy offers a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation that will delight players of all ages.  With the fantastical world of Arborea as the setting; players will be able to explore, discover, battle and build an adventure of a lifetime.

Doug Hare the CEO of Outplay agreed:

Monster Legacy is our biggest game yet and I think players from around the world will love its compelling story and exciting gameplay.  We couldn’t be happier to be working with Facebook on their exciting new pilot program. We’ve used their Mobile Install Ads from day one and I think it’s the most effective channel for finding and engaging players.

Collect2 960 x 640There’s no firm release date for Monster Legacy as yet, but we’ll keep you updated as the project progresses.  You can also follow the company online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

In the meantime, in the style of OK magazine, we’ll leave you with a spontaneous photograph of the Monster Legacy team enjoying themselves in their glamorous, modern, central Dundee offices…

Outplay Monster Legacy Team

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