Cross Creative 2013 Now Open – You Need To Do This People…

Cross Creative 2013 Now Open – You Need To Do This People…

TRC_mediaCross Creative is one of those amazing, unique and pioneering projects that you can’t quite believe exists.  It’s supported by several major organisations including Channel 4, Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise and over the last several years, it has included participants from many of the country’s leading game developers, animators, technology companies and creative studios.

Cross Creative is a unique, immersive and valuable nine month programme focusing on expanding knowledge and creative horizons and on the importance of the relationships underpinning collaborative projects.  It introduces the participants to experts and leaders in a wide range of digital media companies from across the UK, USA and Canada.

group_cc12_web_40It helps every participant to expand their network, make new contacts, learn more about the cutting edge of digital media, new approaches to creativity and an increased awareness of potential new revenue streams.

It is, in short, awesome.  Whatever your role, whatever your business, Cross Creative is an absolute dream for every creative person who is serious about understanding and finding out more about the the ways in which digital/interactive media and business is evolving.

Participants accepted on the Cross Creative programme will participate in seven monthly sessions led by industry experts combined with two field trips to Toronto and to Silicon Valley to meet some of the world’s top creative and technology innovators.

The sessions last one day per month and are held at TRC’s city centre offices in Glasgow. The trips to Canada and the USA provide an unbeatable opportunity to meet with a raft of international, digital innovators and to develop new relationships.

The exact programme for the 2013 will be tailored to address the needs of the chosen delegates, topics tackled on previous Cross Creative programmes have included:

  • Mobile
  • Revenue models
  • Brand engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Games/social gaming
  • Creative company culture
  • Creative processes
  • Narrative
  • Community management
  • Elevator pitches
  • Growing communities via new platforms
  • North American market

sgn_ad_2507The inaugural session of Cross Creative will be held at TRC media’s Glasgow offices on Wednesday 4 September 2013. Thereafter monthly sessions will run through to May 2014.

If that’s not quite enough to convince you, here are a few endorsements from previous participants in the programme…

“Paradigm shifting inspiration and opportunity.” “Awesome! Money couldn’t buy this type of access.”

“If you get the opportunity to be part of Cross Creative grab it with both hands!”

Convinced? So, how do you apply?

Places on the programme are limited and competitive. To apply for the 2013 Cross Creative programme, complete the attached application form below together with:

  • Brief synopsis of your company and the case for taking part
  • Summary of your key business challenges
  • Outline of your digital media projects and where these can be viewed, e.g. url (if appropriate).
  • CV of nominated delegate

These documents should be emailed to: by 12 noon on Tuesday 6 August.

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