Solar Flux – New From Firebrand Games

Solar Flux – New From Firebrand Games

SF_BannerGlasgow’s Firebrand Games has been fairly quiet of late.  The Studio is the developer behind a whole range of driving games for large publishers, including TrackMania on Nintendo DS to Need for Speed: Undercover to Dirt 2 and Need for Speed: The Run on Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

However the studio has been working on its first original title for iOS, followed by Android. Solar Flux is being billed as a strategy game in which the player has to collect orbs and fire them into the hearts of dying suns to stop the going supernova and spoiling things for everyone.

helios_5The player must preserve their heat shields, dodge incoming asteroids and from what we can see, hide in the shadows of nearby planets to stop their ship being incinerated into a drifting cloud of ash and regret…

In an exclusive interview with Polygon, Mark Greenshields, the CEO of Firebrand, told them:

oceanus_1Obviously most developers have the desire to create their own IP at some point, and we’d been so busy for years we just didn’t have the opportunity.  In 2011, we decided enough’s enough. Now’s the time we have to start thinking about producing our own IP.

You can read the whole article over on Polygon.

Solar Flux is due out in August.

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