I Am Level

I Am Level

IamLevel GenesisRoomGame designer, developer and official Scottish Games Network chum, Stew Hogarth has just released the first details of his latest title, I Am Level.

If you like your games – and graphics – old school, as in late 80s home computer era, then I Am Level promises to be something special.

Iamlevel FerryBeachStew’s just uploaded it to IndieDB, with some screenshots and an early gameplay video.  Here’s how he describes it…

I am Level is a single player platform pinball game mashup in the retro style. Think Jet Set Willy meets Pinball Dreams. The player navigates using a combination of the pinball toys (bumpers and springs etc…) and tilting their mobile device. The aim of the game is clearing screens, but more than that, it’s about the fun of exploring. Discovering what’s in the next room, trying to make it into uncharted territory… I mean, did anyone who played Jet Set Willy seriously try and collect everything? It’s being developed and launched by myself, with contributions from friends, with the aim being to hit as many platforms as I can, starting with Android and iOS. Development really started in January 2013, and has been progressing part time.

IamLevel ManisNightYou can head to IndieDB to see more and check out some early game play footage for I Am Level.  We’ll also keep hassling Mr Hogarth and make sure you all find out once the game comes out…

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