MolyJam Spreads Over Scotland

MolyJam Spreads Over Scotland

peter-molyneux-is-promoted-to-creative-director-of-microsoft-game-studios-europe-20090604064749595Jam! Jams!  Not the fruit preserve, but the short form competitions for designers and developers, which allow, enable and encourage freeform jazz-like game creation.  They’ve been springing up all over the shop, baby.  From primary school children to charity, from professional developers to first timers, jams are becoming a phenomenon around the world, with Scotland leading the charge.

What Would Molydeux, affectionately referred to as Molyjam, is a 48 hour game jam inspired by the works of @petermolydeux, a loving parody of the legendary Game Designer, Peter Molyneux.

This year it takes place on July 5th-7th in two venues in Scotland – Dundee and Glasgow.  There are few, very few spaces left, BUT opportunities for sponsors and experts galore.  So you can still get involved and help make the world a better place.

It started in 2012 with a tweet.

Two and a half weeks later, on March 30th 2012, the jam was held in 32 cities worldwide.

(Should you be fascinated, you can learn more about how it all came together in the MolyJam History section).

MolyJam 2013 is going to use actual, out-of-context quotes from the real Peter Molyneux.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.14.16Molyneux is a man who needs no assistance when it comes to parody. His own words are strong enough. Who but Molyneux has the strength to say things like, Pull the right trigger to see The Most Interesting Thing In The World. Or, It’s you Americans. There’s something about nipples you hate, before going on to create a giant cube of tiny blocks, which minions around the world patiently chipped away at with digital chisels (which we call chigisels) to uncover a fabulous prize: namely becoming (a) god in Mr Molyneux’s new game.  A treasure which fell to a gentleman in Edinburgh, who must now decide whether to become benevolent, despotic, or simply stop answering e-mails from Peter…

MolyJam has provided a list of over 60 quotes, with 22 specially-highlighted picks from the organizers. One for each of Molyneux’ cans. And if you’re an enterprising sort, you’re welcome to find your own Molyneux quotes, so long as you can find a source for them.

We are pleased to announce that there are two sites in Scotland for MolyJam 2013.

DundeeProper Game Studios

Located near the city’s waterfront, a mere 5 minutes walk from local shops and restaurants, the Proper Games Studios offer a great location from jammers. We have 20 spaces for jammers (2 of which are still open, so get in touch if you wish to join in) and are currently looking for sponsors willing to donate to us anything from technology licenses to food money to even just spare time to share expertise! If you want to sponsor the Dundee venue please contact Malcolm directly.


GlasgowGlasgow Caledonian University, Student Association Building

Located very near to the city centre, 5 minutes walk away from all local amenities. GCU can support 30 jammers and any number of remote jammers. There will also be a Google hangout for those who can not make the whole weekend. Glasgow is currently looking for sponsors who are willing to donate pizza money or even their time. If you are willing to sponsor the Glasgow venue please contact Brian directly.

Space is limited at both venues, so sign up via the above links. Join us on the 5 – 7th of July to create some truly remarkable games!

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