MolyJam Spreads Over Scotland

Jam! Jams!  Not the fruit preserve, but the short form competitions for designers and developers, which allow, enable and encourage freeform jazz-like game creation.  They've been springing up all over the shop, baby.  From primary school children to charity, from professional developers to first timers, jams are becoming a phenomenon around the world, with Scotland... Continue Reading →

Mini Games Jam – Read All About It

Amanda Wilson has written up a great summary of the one day mini game jam which took place last week, for primary school children. Amanda covers the whole process from design to development and judging. The whole entry is worth a read and shows exactly why games design and development is so important for kids,... Continue Reading →

Proper Games – We’re Jamming

Breaking news this morning.  The extraordinary posse at Proper Games are having a festive games jam.  The company has split into SIX competing factions or TEAMS, who will now do battle to design and develop a brand new GAME in a matter of mere hours. Proper has created a Facebook page, which will chronicle the... Continue Reading →

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