Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet

Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet

Coolsons_full_logoOne of the real joys of the current game development scene is that games can appear as if from nowhere.  New teams, new developers and new ideas are emerging more rapidly than ever before.

The types of experience which are now appearing on the market often ignore the long-cherished game genres and strike out in new directions, to create something innovative, fun and delicious.

Coolsons_titleScreenCoolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet is a brand new game for iPad.  It’s the first collaboration from a new husband/wife team called Things Made Out Of Other Things and it’s a joy.

Set in Edinburgh, the game challenges players to create words out of chocolate letters in Coolson’s factory in Candlemaker Row.

Coolsons_storyThe city forms a recognisable backdrop for an engaging and sweet (!) experience, in which players pack chocolate alphabet letters forming words, without wasting time, or chocolate…

A single-player Adventure mode, is complemented by a two-player Local multiplayer mode and a Network mode, allowing ambitious chocolatiers around the world to compete and create precise and perfectly packed presents for the picky public at the local Farmer’s Market (Castle Street).

Coolsons_hardLevelOne of the key issues in the ongoing debate over tax breaks for the video games industry, is the idea that games all too often aim for a mid-Atlantic or plain American approach to games in order to court a global audience.  Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet is living proof that games can be joyously regional without being parochial, or inaccessible to a wider audience…

The game is available for iPad only at the moment.  It’s priced at £1.49, but there is a limited, free version for the criminally parsimonious.

Coolsons_montageCoolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet is out now.  You can find out more about the game over on the Coolson’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

We’d like to congratulate Things Made Out Of Other Things (Emily and Jamie) on one of the sweetest and most charming games we’ve come across in a long time… Of course, they have now been included on the charmingly comprehensive Scottish Games Network Company Directory, bringing the total number of game developers in the country to 90.  Welcome guys, we’re glad to have you here…

Ice_CoolsonNow go buy it.

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