Dare To Be Digital Indie Showcase – Developers Wanted

Dare To Be Digital Indie Showcase – Developers Wanted

ProtoPlay_ARDevelopers of the world,  is your chance.  Show off your games, demonstrate your creativity and get that all important audience for ALL of your titles…

The Dare to be Digital Indie Showcase is part of the event’s growing indie gaming festival, giving games creators the chance to show their games in public.  To an audience of 10,000+ over the course of four days.

Dare ProtoPlay is looking for independent developers who’d like to take part in the UK’s most rapidly growing games festival and hit the huge numbers of visitors who travel from all over the country to see the games created during the Dare competition and take part in the country’s largest video games event…

Dare 2013 Opening 004Participation in the Indie Showcase is free – which is a very good deal indeed.  There’s a simple form to fill in and your game could be a very big part of this year’s event.

All games are welcome, across all platforms, genres and whether they’re already released or still in development.

Dare to be Digital ProtoPlay takes place on August 8th-11th in Dundee city centre.

The showcase has been split into two separate groups, the first covering the Thursday 8th and Friday 9th and the second group covering Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th.

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