Codeplay Software Form New R&D Division

Codeplay Software Form New R&D Division

logoAround the world there are research centres, hidden bases and laboratories known for their cutting- edge research and development: Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works is but one famous example of a company hothousing innovation and research.

Closer to home, Codeplay Software has today announced the formation of its own new R&D division.

skunkworksLed by Codeplay’s Head of Research Dr. Paul Keir and Research Project Lead Maria Rovatsou, the new R&D lab will consolidate and expand the company’s ongoing research efforts into the future of development technologies, including graphics, compiler and processor technologies, as well as others.

As well as its cutting-edge client work, Codeplay Software has pioneered parallel processing on graphics hardware for over a decade now. During that time, mobile GPU technology has evolved from a next-gen idea to an everyday reality of smartphones, tablets and PCs, with a global reach of hundreds of millions of users.

Since its inception Codeplay has been committed to novel technology research which directly feeds into the design and development of new software tools for specialized hardware now appearing in mass market consumer devices.

Codeplay Software has established a global reputation for technical expertise in specialised software, general purpose processors (CPUs), graphics processors (GPUs) and digital signal processors (DSPs). Designers and manufacturers of new devices, platforms, computing and electronics now understand that tailored solutions, which exploit every feature of their new microprocessors, must achieve ever greater power, performance and efficiency.

Codeplay is already working with hardware not due to reach market until 2014 and beyond. Alongside its commercial activities the company is also involved with a wide range of ground- breaking research projects:

  • PEPPHER (Performance Portability and Programmability for Heterogeneous Many-core Architectures). Codeplay Software partnered with The Universities of Bordeaux, Vienna, Karlsruhe and Linkoping as well as Intel, Movidius and Chalmers Tekniska on a 3 year EU FP7 project
  • LPGPU (Low Power on the Graphics Processor Unit). Codeplay Software are the technical co-ordinators of this 3 year EU FP7 project involving Technical University of Berlin, University of Uppsala,Geomerics, ThinkSilicon and AiGameDev

Both projects are part-funded by the European Union,the research being aimed at low-power graphics devices, to deliver advances in applications, tools and hardware.

In addition Codeplay Software holds a number of its own patents and is an active contributor to the standards bodies of The Khronos Group and HSA Foundation.

laserchipAt the same time as helping semiconductor companies deliver impressive new levels of processing on small low-power devices, Codeplay is also interested in the possibilities of people carrying a supercomputer in their hands. What can this processing power enable? There is a world of stunningly powerful mobile devices with cameras and incredible graphics power out there, and this research will enable new ways of interacting with devices and new forms of entertainment.

Codeplay Software’s R&D division will enable the teams which are focused on delivering the highest possible quality for current processing technology to benefit from the results of people who are asking: What Next? It will have the engineering freedom to innovate across every area of compilers, debuggers, profilers and other tools.

One current project is the development of a high-precision, high-performance and low-power Maths Library. Codeplay Software’s experts on compiler optimisation, data involvement and vectorisation are pushing this technology forward onto Mobile GPUs and Digital Signal Processors.

CodeplayLabs is uniquely positioned right in the centre of the new mobile graphics revolution,one of very few specialist companies in the world delivering the standards and technologies in this area. Codeplay Software wants to use its unique capabilities to work out what these devices can do, and how to deliver on the promise…

Remember, Codeplay are HIRING.  You can find a list of all their current vacancies over on the Scottish Games Network JOBS page.

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