Computer Xplorers – Preparing Children For The Future

Computer Xplorers – Preparing Children For The Future

ComputerXplorers LogoThe concept of introducing kids to computer skills is something which has been getting a great deal of traction recently.  From the mini game jam and Dare to be Digital LaunchPad or Dare School’s Challenge for High Schools in Dundee, it seems that primary and high school children across Scotland are getting the chance to experience, play with and learn about programming, web design and game development.

This is a good thing.  The combination of science, technology and maths – combined with the creative aspects of game design can only help the next generation of talent to emerge.

So we were thrilled to hear from another project, who run a whole series of after school clubs, workshops and even summer camps.  And it’s not even in Dundee…

ComputerXplorers is aimed at primarily primary school age children and is all about having fun with technology, while developing real computer skills in everything from Website and app design to Lego Robotics, Rocketeering and Minecraft.

The club runs across Edinburgh and the Lothians. It is also a Microsoft Partner in Learning and is planning to launch a Programming in Primaries initiative in the new year.

Computer Xplorers is running a number of summer camps this summer including its first ever week-long Game Jam, using Scratch and Minecraft in Edinburgh, aimed at primary school children.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, or any of the club’s activities, check out the website.  We’ve also now added Computer Xplorers to the increasingly definitive and near mythically detailed COMPANY DIRECTORY, making them officially the first educational organisation in the list.

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