NOW HIRING – Codeplay

NOW HIRING – Codeplay

logoCodeplay is an enigma.  One of Scotland’s most successful technology companies, with a truly global reputation, yet they work on such secret projects that most people never know about all the consoles, mobiles and devices it helps shape, optimise and prepare for developers to build the next generation of awesome upon.

Now Codeplay is hiring.  The company needs programmers, coders.  The elite.  Very clever, very capable and versatile people.  The kind of person who doesn’t simply shrug and tut at technical limitations, but actively plans how to make things better.

A whole range of roles are on offer over on the JOBS page, including:

  • Graduate Software Developer
  • Compiler Engineer
  • Tools Engineer
  • Runtime Systems Engineer
  • Student Internship (Programmer)

Codeplay, it should be noted, in very big shiny 3D letters, is an Investor In People.  Official.  Accredited.  Which means the company is at least 128.73 times better to work for than the crunch-driven sweat factories of gloom that we read about in the games media.

You can visit the company online and find out a *little* more about the giant electronics firms, technology giants, blue chip device manufacturers, space programmes, countries and shadowy, secret government organisations it works with.  We imagine.  We don’t know.  Even if we did know, we couldn’t tell you.  THAT’S how good it is.

If you think you can help the future happen better, then you know where to go.

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