Let The Right One In: New Audio Game From National Theatre Scotland And Quartic Llama

Let The Right One In: New Audio Game From National Theatre Scotland And Quartic Llama

Other logo - National Theatre of Scotland (1)Other is an entirely new type of game, created by one of Dundee’s most exciting new game developers.  It exemplifies the fact that interactive media is changing every aspect of the creative industries, in new and unexpected ways.  It’s also an important project because it brings together a number of partners, including many that games companies have not traditionally considered when it comes to looking for new projects – and it’s all happening here in Scotland.  It’s even a transmedia project.  In the best possible sense.  In short, it’s something you need to know about.

Developed by Quartic Llama, in conjunction with The National Theatre Of Scotland, Other is a location-enabled audio game, which uses sound alone to guide players around the darker corners of Dundee.

Overgate 1974Other has been created to support the new production of Let The Right one in, based upon the novel and movie of the same name,  which follows the relationship between Oskar, a lonely bullied teenaged boy and Eli, a centuries-old vampire who befriends him.

Other was created as part of a larger transmedia project, which included a number of writing groups and sound workshops.  Many of the audio elements of the game were created during these sessions.

Other elements of the transmedia project included an Other games jam, which took place at the University of Abertay and the Two Days of Darkness short film challenge.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 09.59.35The game will launch on Friday 31st of May for iPhone, with the launch weekend (31st May – 2nd June) will feature live performances around the route of Other, finishing with a celebration in Duke’s Corner, where films and games created as part of the Two Days of Darkness festival will be displayed and demonstrated.  It will even be accessible for deaf participants…

The games and films will also be available on the Other web portal for everyone not in Dundee to enjoy.

The production of Let The Right One In runs from 05-29th of July at Dundee Rep.

210x99_NTS_logo_black-on-white_400dpiOther creative director Philippa Tomlin said:

We’re really excited to be working on a project supporting Let The Right One In. It’s such a wonderfully dark and beautiful story and this has inspired our stories for the Other game. We’ve met and worked with some brilliantly creative people along the way and that, combined with Dundee’s atmosphere and all its rich layers of history, make it the perfect setting for this game.

Quartic Llama’s work with the National Theatre of Scotland was supported by a £5,000 grant from Arts & Business Scotland.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the game and experience once it launches.

We’re genuinely thrilled and excited by this project.  It encapsulates everything exciting about the games sector and the possibilities interactive media is opening up for the rest of the arts, media and business worlds.  Congratulations to Quartic Llama, you’re now official member of the SGN Pioneers Club.


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