Wanted: Games Journalists

Wanted: Games Journalists

READY UP LOGOReady-Up is something a little different from the usual consumer games website.  It does reviews, it does features.  You can, should you wish, find out everything about that new console title you’ve had your eye on.  Ready-Up however goes further.  It’s about community, it’s about interaction with readers and it’s about allowing their writers to follow their passions (within certain basic legal limitations).

It seems to be working.  Ready-Up has been nominated three times for a Games Media Award, the annual competition to reward outstanding achievement in the field of excellence, with the video games media.

Now the site has three vacancies for writers.  Yes, you could be the next Gary Penn, the next Leigh Alexander or the up-and-coming Charlie Brooker – should that be a thing you’d like.

ReadyUp - TEAMHere’s what Ready-Up says:

Glasgow’s Ready Up, the UK’s biggest community games media website, is recruiting to fill two news team positions and one staff writing position. Applicants looking to join our three-times GMA-nominated team must have solid spelling and grammar, be well informed, dedicated and have strong knowledge of both video games and the industry.

If you’re looking to make your break into journalism, Ready Up offers you the chance to build up a body of work, benefit from the coaching and support of established journalists and the opportunity to attend industry events where you’ll have the chance to spend time with game developers and other industry insiders.

Application are welcome from all over the UK and must be received by 31st May 2013.

We’ve been to a lot of the industry events they mention – they’re great.  Better than these tedious film and red carpet things.  You get to meet game developers and find out about a lot of top secret games and see the top secret technologies and next generation consoles that we in the industry all know, but are forbidden to talk to you civilians about.

If you’re a student, a graduate, an indie game developer, a frustrated lecturer who yearns for recognition and acclaim, this could well be a dream come true!

Apply!  Apply now!

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