Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire – Out Now For iOS

Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire – Out Now For iOS

Splash_2048x1536Celtic Heroes, the MMMORPG created by One Thumb Mobile has evolved.  The world’s first large-scale Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game has been updated, with a major new content pack which more than doubles the size of the game.

Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire introduces three entirely new playable areas, twice as many enemies, hundreds of new quests, thousands of new items and enhanced High Definition (HD) graphics.

Enemy_2048x1536If you’ve not come across Celtic Heroes yet, it’s a free-to-play MMMORPG, originally launched in 2011 for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.)  Set in a world based upon Celtic mythology, the game gives players the sort of in-depth challenge and experience that has to date, been confined to PCs and dedicated games consoles.

One Thumb Mobile has been updating the game on an ongoing basis, since it was launched, using feedback from players and the game’s active community of players to refine, revise and tailor the game’s content and gameplay.  This is clearly working as the company reports ongoing growth and is generating revenue from in-app purchases and virtual goods.

Environment__2048x1536One Thumb also reports some seriously dedicated players out there, with many gamers devoting multiple hours to the game and putting in as much time as console and PC players would to similar games.

This is the first of several major updates and announcements from One Thumb Mobile over the next few months, as the company continues to expand Celtic Heroes and look for new ways to expand its audience and introduce the world of celtic myth and legend to a growing global audience.

You can find out more about Celtic Heroes on the game website, follow Celtic Heroes on Twitter, or like it on Facebook.


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