Light Hero Reduces Price, Adds $100,000 Incentive To Complete The Game

Light Hero Reduces Price, Adds $100,000 Incentive To Complete The Game

485550_567528296612035_92148151_nLight Hero, the deep space shoot-em-up, created by Edinburgh’s Inceptional, is having an exciting week.  The game’s price point has just dropped – you can now pick the game up for  £0.69 (0.99 US$ | 0.99 CAD | 0.79 € | 85 ¥ | 0.99 AU$)

But that’s not all.  In a move bold enough for Light Hero himself (who already makes James T. Kirk look like Jean Luc Picard), Inceptional is offering up to $100,000 for anyone who can finish the entire game.

If you complete 100% of Light Hero, you’ll be given instructions on how to get in touch and send proof of your galactic level of achievement.  You will then be placed into a pool of fellow blastranauts, one of whom will be picked at random towards the end of 2013.

There are a few Ts & Cs however.  The prize fund will be built through sales of the game, so the more copies sold, the higher the cash reward at the end.  Tell your friends, your colleagues and anyone else you know who a) enjoys a space-based shmup b) is worse at space-based shumps than you (no point in making life more difficult for yourself…)

You can pick up Light Hero here.  You can find out more through the game’s Facebook page or Twitter account, to keep track of the competition and the huge pile of money, which is only parsecs away.

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