Winx Sirenix Power – Out Now For iOS And Android

Winx Sirenix Power – Out Now For iOS And Android

unnamedGlasgow’s Tsumanga Studios announced they were working with the female tween-focused license Winx at the start of 2013.  Now the company has released it’s first title, Winx Sirenix Power, for both Android and iOS devices.

If you’re not a 9-13 year old girl, or don’t have one in your immediate family, you may not have heard of Winx Club – but it’s huge.

unnamed-4Created by Italy’s Rainbow Studios, Winx Club has over 130 half hour TV shows, two full-length theatrical releases, a theme park, Broadway style musical and ice skating show – which have now been joined by the brand’s first mobile game.

The game itself, Winx Sirenix Power, is set in the depths of the Infinite Ocean. Players take part as fairies Bloom or Stella and race Tritannus through the underwater reefs and caves, avoiding spells cast by the Trix.  The aim of the game is to save the Selkies before Tritannus captures them and pollutes the Infinite Ocean forever!

unnamed-2Winx Sirenix Power is free-to-play with four levels playable as Bloom, with racing and chase modes. There are also additional Winx Club fairies and new levels that can be purchased within the Game app – once players have asked their parents of course.

One rather nice (and we believe, unique) feature of Winx Sirenix Power is that players can contribute, collectively to the charity Water Aid (or Gift for Life if you’re in Russia). As players pick up special blue charity hearts within the game, they’re added to a global total. As the number of hearts collected grows, Tsumanga will make payments to the chosen charities.

Winx Sirenix Power is out now for iOS and Android.  You can find the games here:

Google Play Store

Apple Store

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