BAFTA New Talent Award Winners

BAFTA New Talent Award Winners

BAFTA New Talent Winners 2013The BAFTA Scotland New Talent awards took place in Glasgow’s rather lovely Oran Mor on Thursday night, with a glittering and star-studded ceremony.

The New Talent awards are a unique competition within BAFTA, which nurtures, supports and celebrates emerging creative practitioners, film makers, writers, animators, directors and of course game creators.

The competition is open to students, graduates, those just starting their careers in the creative world, or even established individuals who are working in a new field (so a writer who’s directing his/her first film, or a game developer who’s written a screenplay).

The key is that it rewards new talent and helps that new talent gain recognition and credibility within their chosen industry.

This year, the games category was was very strong, with multiple entries coming from both the Scottish Games Jam and Dare to be Digital.  The jury (Romana Raman, Denki; Ketty Lawrence, Chunk and Kevin Ng, Pixels On Toast) narrowed the field down to three nominees:

  • Fuaim (Paul Andrew McGee, Emily Green)
  • The Rig (Frozen Summer Studios, aka Michael Ritchie, Mikkel Rasmussen, Alice Thorntonsmith, Kyle Drysdale, George Johnstone, Aaron Darmudas, Kyle Erwin)
  • Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair (Dapper Hat Games, aka Ronan Quigley, Nikita Bewley, Ellis Armstrong, Charlie McFadden, Stuart Martin, Alex Hopkins, Allan Robertson)

After much deliberation, the winner was: Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair from Dapper Hat Games.

BAFTA New Talent - Dappe Hat Games Winner 2013Congratulations to all of the nominees and to Dapper Hat for walking off with the award.

The full list of categories, nominees and winners can all be found over on the BAFTA Scotland website.

It’s also the perfect time to remind you that the 2013 Dare to be Digital competition is still OPEN FOR ENTRIES, but you’ll have to move fast, the deadline to enter your team and game is April 9th.  Go now!  Enter.  You could be a BAFTA award winner too.

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