Digital 2013 – Connecting Scotland’s Digital And Creative Industries

Digital 2013 – Connecting Scotland’s Digital And Creative Industries

digital 2013 logoDigital 2012 appeared on Scotland’s event scene last year, promising to connect the country’s digital and creative sectors.  Held in Glasgow’s SECC, Digital 2013 offered a mixture of workshops, speakers, exhibitors and networking.

It was a diverse and interesting day, which encompassed speakers from TV broadcasters, major retailers, art galleries, major software providers and Dr Kevin Bradshaw (always a winner if you have long-winded panels).

digital 2012 001This year, the event is coming back and has, cleverly, been rebranded Digital 2013.  Taking place on April 25th, at the SECC once more, the event will:

explore the approaches of how leading organisations are “Designing their Digital Presence” and how they are generating a return on their investment – in terms of money, attention from customers, and value perceived by them.

Come along to Digital 2013 to hear keynote speakers discussing topics including responsive design, methods for analysing and making use of data, creation of compelling digital content, approaches to building profitable digital services and digital service definition.

We’ll also be running some fantastic workshops that will help you learn how to ‘Build Agility and Responsiveness using Digital Tools’, ‘Build an Effective Brand’, ‘Return Revenue from Data Tracking’ and much more!

Tickets are normally £50, but the early bird rate is £35 and is available until Friday 15th March.  Or you can book a webcast ticket and enjoy the spectacle from the comfort of your office chair.

You can keep track of the event on the official website.  One word of caution however: the speakers and programme which are listed on there are currently THOSE FROM 2012.  Don’t be fooled.  There will presumably be very different speakers, workshops, panels and speakers this year.  As yet, there is no information on the total amount of Dr Kevin Bradshaw this year’s event will contain.

The Scottish Games Network will be there.  Broadcasting, live blogging and tweeting the event.  If there are any games or interactive elements involved in this year’s event, we shall rush you the news with immediate effect and ensure you are informed, educated and advised appropriately.

In the meantime, you can find Digital 2013 on Twitter, or visit the event website (warning: autoplay video on front page).


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