Cobra Releases Huge iBomber Attack Update

Cobra Releases Huge iBomber Attack Update

iBomberAttack#1Cobra’s latest title in the hugely successful iBomber franchise is the top-down, dual-stick blitzkrieg-em-up, iBomber Attack.  The game appeared on the Apple App Store at the end of last year.  It’s attracted a swarm of positive reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on iTunes.

Now Cobra has let slip the dogs of update, with a substantial update and a limited edition GET THE GAME FOR FREE offer.

Here’s the detail on the new update, straight from Cobra…

All New Challenge Mod – How long can you survive against wave after wave of relentless enemies coming at you from all sides? The all-new challenge mode finds out in a great new way to play.

Survive enemy waves to earn Victory Points, the more waves you survive the more Victory Points you earn and spend.

Challenge mode also introduces thousands of in-game challenges to achieve. You will always have 3 active challenge to complete at any time. Completing any challenge will reward you with precious Gold, Re-spawns or Victory Points.

Challenge mode adds Ranks, you start as a private and try to rank up to a 4 star general. How far will you be able to go?

steam2In Challenge Mode you don’t have to wait until the end of every level to spend your Victory Points or Gold, simply pause the game and you can upgrade your tank there and then and spend your Gold to buy and try weapons for your eager Support Slots.

New Tank type. We’ve added a new, super tank, as you play through Challenge mode we think you’ll discover it!

Campaign Mode gets a new addition – Timed Mode Campaign Mode now has a super new Timed option (user selectable) where you can see how fast you have completed each level. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are awarded for how fast you can complete a level. The faster your time the more Victory Points you can earn.

Victory Points and Upgrades – We’ve had a lot of requests to be able to Buy Victory Points in-game, well now you can. You can now use your Gold to Buy Victory Points to spend upgrading your Tank. In addition to this we’ve also added a whole new 4th level of upgrade powers for you to equip your Tank with. Now you can really give it to the enemy.

iBomberAttackiconExploding Sheep! – Watch out, these guys mean business.

Chin Up – Already just bought iBomber Attack? don’t fret, this update knows if you’ve got iBomber Attack installed and played the game already and will reward you with a handful of lovely Gold to get you upgrading even faster.

Check out all of the iBomber games over on the company’s website and pick up iBomber Attack for free, while stocks last!

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