Guerilla Tea –  Beano iPrank

Guerilla Tea – Beano iPrank


As part of Guerilla Tea’s ongoing relationship with DC Thomson, we were recently commissioned to develop a Beano prank app for iOS and Android as part of the Menacing Monday Digital Campaign being done in the run-up to April Fool’s Day.

The app contains 5 humorous prank programs; Beano Bigmouth, Fart Finder, Super Soundboard, Menace-O-Meter and Eye Fright.

In true Q-Branch fashion, we’re going to proceed with an equipment briefing, so you’re fully prepared for the mission of generally being annoying.

With the Beano Bigmouth, choose a Beano character and hold the phone up to your mouth. The character’s lips will move with your own speech. Simple laughs.

If a bright red face isn’t enough to identify the guilty party, then the Fart Finder is the tool of choice. Believe it or not, it doesn’t really tell you who farted; although we’re looking into the technology for that… If you discretely touch the screen when lowering your phone, you can pin the blame on anyone your little heart desires…

iPrank 7There is nothing in this world more amusing that the sound of a fart. I know, it’s the small things in life… (And flatulence seems to be a recurring theme) Nevertheless with the Super Soundboard you can irritate the hell out of anyone and everyone with headache-causing noises. It’s not just farts, there are buzzing flies, toilet flushes and plenty more; the best part is that you can mash the buttons and play them all at once. Seriously, we’re easily amused!

iPrank 4The Menace-O-Meter is a top of the range scanner detecting the ‘menace’ viability of a particular individual. Get your subject to place his or her hand on the scanning area of the device, and upon completion, the subject will be declared either a menace (which is a good thing by the way), or just generally uncool in every way. How does this work? You’ll just have to download the app to find out…

iPrank 6

The Eye Fright is used to catch out unsuspecting victims by disguising itself as a harmless Colour Blindness Test application. Just when you think things are progressing as normal, Gnasher will make an untimely appearance.

This concludes the briefing session. All that remains is to download the app and test them in the field. Go on, you know you want to.

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