Please Welcome: The Gamer Show Podcast

Please Welcome: The Gamer Show Podcast

The Gamer Show PodcastScotland’s official specialist gaming media got a little bit larger this week, as the Gamer Show Podcast on the British Tech Network, got in touch to say hello.

It’s a fortnightly show from the Scottish borders, hosted by three dedicated gamers who talk about that latest news, releases and events in the wide, wide world o’ gaming.

The team tell us that they’re keen to include more news, releases and events from the slightly smaller Scottish world o’ gaming and would be delighted to find out more about the companies and games and releases and news and events from the developers and associated companies north of the border.

Obviously, getting in touch with the monopolistically awesome Scottish Games Network, they have hit the mother load of news, events, releases and ‘chat’ from the whole games network across the country.  ‘We cover everyone,’ we told them.  ‘Swamped by news so we are.  Everyone’s absolutely wonderful about letting us know what they’re up to and making sure we know what’s happening BEFORE it becomes news, gets released, or becomes an event.  Keep and eye on us, guys,’ we continued.  ‘Because this is where FACTS x IMPORTANCE = NEWS’.

World_speaker_jpg_280x280_crop_q95They played with their teaspoons and eyed one another warily over the plate of lovely biscuits (we don’t mess around in meetings).  With over 45,000 downloads per episode, based around ‘audio’ rather than ‘visual’ material and a ‘consumer’ audience, The Gamer Show Podcast offers something different to the industrial colossus and cutting edge analysis of the Scottish Games Network.  And they want to talk to YOU (well, most of you).

You can find the podcast online, follow them on Facebook and find the team on Twitter: @PaulWheatley (host) @DrNastyFlaps (Sam, co-host) and the @BritishTech network itself.

Say hello and tell them about your games…

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