Hunted Cow Releases Sequel To Best-Selling WWII Tank Game

Hunted Cow Releases Sequel To Best-Selling WWII Tank Game

app_iconHunted Cow, the development studio and publisher based in Elgin, Scotland, has released it’s latest title for Apple iOS devices.  Tank Battle: North Africa is the sequel to Tank Battle: 1944 which hit the app store in March last year.

attacking_a_pillboxTank Battle: North Africa is a hex-based, turn-based strategy game, in which the player takes part in one of the second world war’s most notorious theatres of conflict.  The game offers a five mission tutorial for new players, along with eight British and eight American campaigns, alongside six multiplayer game levels.  Players can also purchase additional levels from within the game, giving access to an additional eight British and sixteen German levels.

The original Tank Battle title was praised for its simple, intuitive controls, but in-depth strategy.  Tank Battle: North Africa has been designed by developer Hex War, to combine this pick-up-and-play approach with more tactical options, new units and new options such as ‘move and shoot’, creating a game which encourages players to try more complex and sophisticated strategies.

unit-uk-churchill-ivClassic WWII vehicles including Churchill and Sherman tanks are joined by anti-tank weapons, infantry, 50 calibre machine gun mounted Jeeps, the German Tiger tank and of course the Opel truck (made famous by Indiana Jones punching enemy soldiers out of them, dragging underneath another one and accidentally blowing up the one with his former girlfriend).

ingame_1Tank Battle: North Africa is the first new iOS title from Hunted Cow since the company had to withdraw its previous release, Battle Dungeon, thanks to widespread piracy.  While this new title does feature multiplayer gaming, it’s not server based, but features a pass-and-play mode, allowing players to compete on the same device


Andrew Mulholland, the managing director of Hunted Cow told us:

Tank Battle: 1944 was our first game for iOS and the response to its release was incredible. Players, strategy fans and WWII sites alike all enjoyed the game’s controls, accessibility and missions. Many people asked for more and suggested additional content, new units, and ways to give the game more depth. For the sequel we’ve taken a lot of that on board, as well as many of our own ideas and recreated one of the most famous conflicts in World War II, the North African theatre. We’ve kept the same, simple and accessible controls, but ensured that every mission can be approached differently and more experienced players as well as those looking for a real challenge can explore the strategy and tactics more fully.”


unit-us-m4-shermanTank Battle: North Africa is a universal app, which plays on all iPods, iPads and iPhones.  It’s OUT NOW on the App Store for the heavily rationed price of only £1.49/$1.99/€1.59.  You can get it here.

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