Denki Blocks Hits Turbulenz – Please Return To Your Seats

Denki Blocks Hits Turbulenz – Please Return To Your Seats

logoDenki Blocks! – the legendary game of yore.  Multiple award winner, multiple platform encompasser and ultimate expression of sliding sticky blocks around a variety of environments in order to get them to bond in interesting shapes, has never really been away.  It lives in the hearts of gamers everywhere and has untold legions of fans, all around the world.

That however, is no reason to ignore the fact that the game has now reached what is arguably the world’s largest gaming platform – the web browser.

03-screenshot-brandedDenki, the clockwork genius behind the game, with it’s rotating antennae, grabbing pincers and recent spate of releases, has recreated the classic iOS version of the game and issued it through the Turbulenz platform, allowing grateful players to slide and form shapes, directly from their web browser.

Word Quest-screenshot-002Denki has been on fire recently (though thankfully not literally), with original new titles such as Save The Day and Denki Word Quest joined by the Denki-designed-but-Ludometrically-implemented Bips! All of which can be played on your humble home computer, laptop, netbook, tablet or ‘other’.

There’s a free-to-play version of Denki Blocks! which gives you 16 Puzzles and 16 fiendish and challenging Master Challenges, which pits you against the most ferocious tasks and traps and teases and block sticking terror ever devised by the mind of man/Denki.

Alternatively you can shell out a paltry £3.99 for the entire game, the lot, the whole schmeer, the sum total of 120 Puzzles and 120 Master Challenges.

OR you can pay a measly £0.99 for individual packs of puzzles and precisely pinpoint your purchases.

You can see Denki Blocks! in action here.  Then you should go and play it, tell your friends and fall into a lovely slumber, dreaming about sticking blocks together in cunning ways.


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