Cobra & YoYo Hit The Hundred Top iOS Games

Cobra & YoYo Hit The Hundred Top iOS Games

arcade sushi has published its list of 2012’s best games.  Two games created in Scotland make the list.  YoYo Games‘ suicide-im-up Karoshi and Cobra’s BAFTA nominated iBomber Defense Pacific both make the list.

Karoshiv1Karoshi is number 85.  The site says:

Karoshi takes the age old video game concept of surviving and turns it upside down. In Karoshi, you don’t want to survive the level, you want to find the most creative and efficient way to dispatch your character from his digital soul. Karoshi hates his job and wants to end it all. It is up to you to introduce his body to spikes, electricity, and the odd spurting jet of flame. This retro styled game is enjoyable and makes you think in a slightly different way. Having the core game mechanic essentially be 8-bit suicide makes you think a bit differently. It is a game with quite a bit of dark humor and in fact, the entire game itself is one sick joke. You know what makes it even a more disturbing joke? The fact that a game about suicide is actually fun and challenging. Some of the puzzles you’ll encounter in Karoshi might make you think about doing yourself in, but it is very satisfying when you figure out the right sequence of moves to send that little man off to his digital death.

ibomber-defense-pacific-inner-icon_300x220iBomber Defense Pacific makes number 79. says:

Let’s face it, you’re tired of those wussy little tower defense games that look like Tron or involve little cartoon goblins and knights. You want a real tower defense game set against a modern military backdrop. What you want is iBomber Defense Pacific.This exceedingly well designed game gets your blood pumping with exciting sneak attacks, multiple entryways to guard, and strategic bombing raids. This game is as real as a military tower defense game is going to get on the iOS. Unlike other tower defense games, the maps in iBomber Defense Pacific look much more believable than the usual snake of asphalt, rock, or dirt that you find in most games of the genre. Also, your ability to initiate tactical missile attacks on your invaders can help you turn an assured defeat into a flawless victory.

Congratulations to both companies.

bloons-tower-defense-5-gameBut that’s not all.  You can also help Cobra’s iBomber Defense Pacific, OR the newly rebranded Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons Tower Defense 5 to win the arcadesushi 2012 iOS awards.  Both companies have games nominated in the Best Tower Defense category.

They’re the only Scottish companies to make the award list, so they should be supported.

Go and vote and help Scottish developers to win big on the international stage.

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