Cobra’s iBomber Games Head To Linux

Cobra’s iBomber Games Head To Linux

ibomberArt-1024x192Cobra’s WWII-themed iBomber series encompasses top-down destruct-em-up games, tower defence games and more recently, a dual-stick shooter.

ibomber defense pacificThe games are now in limited beta on iOS, PC and Mac, through Valve’s digital distribution service Steam.  However, not all PC users have been able to play and enjoy the games, since they were not available for Linux.

Cobra has now remedied this and the company’s two latest titles, iBomber Defense Pacific and iBomber Attack now live on Steam for Linux.

iBomberAttack#1This is another big step for Cobra, which had a very tight focus on Apple’s iOS in previous years.  The company has since started to broaden its horizons and move games onto alternative platforms as they start to build significant audiences and market penetration.

Given the number of developers, hard core games geeks, programmers and technically literate members of the Scottish Games Network, we’d be very surprised if several people were not reading this news on some flavour of Linux.



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