BBC Radio Scotland Explores The Scottish Games Industry

BBC Radio Scotland Explores The Scottish Games Industry

BBC_SCOTLAND_CMYKOn Saturday (and Sunday), BBC Radio Scotland’s Business Scotland programme looked at the game industry in Scotland.  What is it?  Where is it?  What does the new tax relief mean for companies creating games north of the border?

The programme features several well known MD’s, CEO’s and entrepreneurs including Outplay Entertainment’s Doug Hare, Ninja Kiwi’s David Hamilton, Quartic Llama’s Ian Reynolds and Abertay University’s Paul Durrant, as well as your editor and narrator…

The programme is significant because it’s one of the channel’s flagship business titles and deals with every aspect of industry and enterprise here in Scotland.  Having the programme cover the games sector illustrates how far gaming has come in terms of visibility and credibility over the last few years.

You can hear the programme here, via BBC iPlayer until Sunday 23rd of December, so get in now and listen.

The cultural sector is of course another matter.  We’re planning an all out assault (i.e. asking nicely) for some of Radio Scotland’s cultural programmes (Radio Cafe for example) to look at the creative and cultural elements of games as we enter 2013.  Assuming of course we can provide them with some…

Check Business Scotland out now.

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