One Thumb Mobile Expanding Into New Office Space For Ongoing Recruitment

One Thumb Mobile Expanding Into New Office Space For Ongoing Recruitment

OTMlogoOne Thumb Mobile is one of the country’s most experienced mobile developers.  Based in central Glasgow, the company has worked with some very large licenses, media and entertainment companies to produce branded games and apps for every variety of mobile.

IN 2011 the company launched an original new massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG for those of you not in the know), Celtic Heroes, for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod).

Based heavily on Celtic mythology, the game places players in a huge, full 3D world of adventure and mayhem and magic and castles and battles and all manner of exciting things.  It features groups, clans, Player-versus-Player (PVP) arenas and has thousands of players all around the world.  It’s a free-to-play game, so players can download it at no cost and then spend money within the game using microtransactions.

Celtic Heroes has been such as success that One Thumb Mobile has been recruiting to update and expand the scope of the game.  They’re also taking the game onto new platforms, including Android, to bring the world of Celtic Heroes to the biggest possible audience worldwide.

iphone2To enable this ongoing recruitment, the company is moving into new offices in central Glasgow (a very funky part of central Glasgow too), which gives them more than three times their current space and the opportunity to grow like the American military-industrial complex, only in a benevolent, fun and less drone-based way.

One Thumb Mobile recently hired several key staff in their new recruitment drive, including:

  • Paul Simon, who worked in senior design roles on titles such as Runescape and Lord of the Rings Online, has become Lead Game Designer.
  • Dave Allsop, an artist who has worked with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast, was appointed Concept Artist;
  • Viktor Sághy, a veteran of Most Wanted Entertainment and Eidos in Hungary, is the company’s new Art Director.

You can find the full list of vacancies at One Thumb Mobile on the company’s recruitment page.

ipad2Congratulations to One Thumb Mobile, we’ll be bringing you more news and updates from the company in the near future…

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