Serious Parody Urging Support For Crowd Funded Wrestling Game

Serious Parody Urging Support For Crowd Funded Wrestling Game

Serious Parody Logo Large TRANSWe’re massive fans of companies helping each other out.  Everybody wins.  So when Dundee’s Serious Parody contacted us to ask if we could mention their support of another indie developing a wrestling title, we couldn’t very well say no.

Here’s the official word…

Serious Parody today announced that the company are throwing their support behind fellow indie wrestling games creator Dave Wishnowski, as he makes a last ditch effort to raise funds for his Kickstart project Pro Wrestling X. The company are donating 50 copies of their signature iPhone title, Wrestling Manager, to his project which has already raised nearly $20,000 from over 350 backers but only has a couple of days left to raise the remaining $55,000 required.

Serious Parody C.E.O, Dan Hinkles commented “As a wrestling gamer, I can’t wait to get my hands on Pro Wrestling X. Dave’s a fantastic guy, who has worked tirelessly for years to make this game and I only wish we could do more to support him. Hopefully by doing this, we can help raise awareness of his Kick Starter campaign at a time where it’s really needed.”

Pro Wrestling X is a fairly unique Kick Starter in that the game is almost complete and the money raised will be used primarily for crucial bug fixes and art tweaks. Wishnowski, had the following to say “My team and I are humbled and flattered that the Wrestling Manager team would so graciously help us out in this manner. Helping each other bring new games to wrestling gamers is what we’re all about and in this case it’s truly the fans that win. Thank you!”

Game developers helping each other out!  Whatever next? Cross promotion?  Bundles?

If you’re a wrestling fan then chip in a few quid and help Mr Wishnowski get the game finished.  If you’re not, then do please feel free to pass this onto a wrestling fan you know…

There’s less than 15 hours to go on the Kickstarter project, so now’s the time.

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