District 10 – Open For (new) Business

District 10, the brand new shipping-container based office space in city's Seabraes Yard is now open for business. ┬áThis could be good news for the city's growing number of development studios and micro-game developers, offering an alternative to the normally high-priced office space. Aimed at start-up and young companies in the creative industries, offers dedicated... Continue Reading →

One Thumb Mobile Expanding Into New Office Space For Ongoing Recruitment

One Thumb Mobile is one of the country's most experienced mobile developers. ┬áBased in central Glasgow, the company has worked with some very large licenses, media and entertainment companies to produce branded games and apps for every variety of mobile. IN 2011 the company launched an original new massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG for those... Continue Reading →

Seabraes To Get StartUp Container Park?

The Courier is reporting that Dundee's Seabraes Yards, the digital media hub of the city, with commanding views over the Tay bridges, and err, Tesco, may be getting a 'container city' aimed at giving start-up companies low cost office space. The number of freelancers, indie studios and start ups is growing rapidly and Dundee has... Continue Reading →

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