Inceptional – Officially Not A Film

Inceptional – Officially Not A Film

We’re always delighted to welcome a new company to the Scottish Games Network.  It’s even better when the company in question has just completed its very own boss fight with a major media giant, which was trying to crush it like a bug underfoot.

So please welcome Inceptional Games.  Based in Edinburgh, the company was founded by former Rockstar north designer Kirk Johnston and is, we’d like to stress, in no way similar to, or associated with the movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which is a film about consciousness and reality, not a company in Edinburgh which creates games.

We need to be quite clear about this, since according to Warners, it quite easy to confuse the two and Kirk is frankly fed-up with people sitting watching him for 90 minutes, waiting for him to have a series of nested sub-subconcious-based adventures.

Inceptional has already published one title, Light Hero, for iOS and Windows.  A second game, Save Santi is now in development and due out, presumably, in time for Christmas…

Inceptional is now secure, protected and guaranteed a credible, long-term, global profile as the company is now listed in the increasingly accurate and officially endorsed Company Directory.

An exceptionally warm welcome to Inceptional

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